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  • 1.- LOTUS has created the membership and benefits card (hereinafter the “card”) for his clients (hereinafter the “client”) called “Lotus Owner Benefits” offer to his clients offers, discounts and special promotions, exclusivity in services, priority in activities, among other benefits (hereinafter the “benefits”) with allied suppliers or commercial partners of LOTUS.

  • 2.- LOTUS will provide the client with a card with a membership number and personal data so that they can be identified by their commercial partners by presenting said card together with a valid Official Identification. The card will contain a printed QR code that will direct you to the updated information section of the LOTUS website where the benefits, their validity, terms and conditions to access them will be published.

  • 3.- The card is free, personal and non-transferable. To access the benefits, it is essential to present the card and identification of the holder. In case of loss, the beneficiary must request LOTUS a replacement.

  • 4.- The membership and its card will be valid indefinitely, but it may be terminated by LOTUS, with prior notice published on his website ( being sufficient. In the event that the client wishes to terminate his membership, he must send written notice to the LOTUS email found on its website.

  • 5.- The benefits are subject to change without prior notice, those published on the LOTUS website being valid.

  • 6.- The benefits or services will be provided directly by the commercial partners of LOTUS, without LOTUS intervention, so for all legal purposes, LOTUS cannot be considered as a service provider. LOTUS is not responsible for the provision of the benefit or service, therefore it is released from any legal responsibility that may arise from the provision of the same.

  • 7.- To access the benefits of the card, the LOTUS client must sign the legal agreement in writing, accepting its terms and conditions. It will be the client’s decision not to access the benefits of the membership and the card, and in case of not signing said legal agreement, their data may not be provided to third parties.

  • 8.- Any request for information or resolution of any incident, in relation to this membership, the card and its operation, will be answered in the means of contact published on the LOTUS website.

  • 9.- LOTUS reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions, through publication on its website. The sole use of the card after said modifications implies its acceptance by the customer.

  • 10.- Law on Protection of personal data. Notice of Privacy. Solely for the purposes of the operation of the membership and the card, the client authorizes LOTUS to provide their personal identification and contact data to his business partners, with whom LOTUS have in turn entered into a confidentiality agreement. Without this information being used for various purposes, including advertising. The client will be able to consult the list of commercial partners and allies of LOTUS, for the purposes of this membership and card, in the QR code of their card and on the LOTUS website. The personal identification and contact data of the client are the responsibility of LOTUS, which will be treated and protected with security measures through administrative, technical and physical mechanisms for the confidentiality of the data.