Welcome to one of the biggest malltertainment of the world!

Welcome to one of the biggest malltertainment of the world!

The prosperity and development that Quintana Roo has had, with its various world-class vacation destinations such as the Riviera Maya and Cancun, has generated interest, both from private investors and tourists who come from all over the world and increasingly continues to position itself as one of the safest places for real estate development and investment.


The new project for one of the biggest shopping centers in the world will be created under the concept of malltertainment, devised by the company based on the fact that at least 45% of the tenants of the place are dedicated to entertainment; It will have an area of ​​250k m2 which allows it to compete with the giants Siam Paragon in Thailand, Dubai Mall and West Edmonton Mall in Canada.

Conoce el Grand Outlet Malltertainment, nuevo mall de la Riviera Maya - Immo MagazineThe giants Gicsa and the Liverpool chain will be in charge of the investment of this malltertainment, which will be 3,400 million pesos and it is presumed that around 5,000 direct and indirect jobs will be generated in the area.


The new project, which is located just a few minutes from the Cancun airport in front of the Moon Palace, will have a commercial area, aquarium, artificial lakes, hot air balloon, go kart track, amusement park, outdoor activities park, ice skating rink, activities that promote education, three hotels and an auditorium with capacity for 7,500 people.

A place that will combine the best of entertainment with the luxury commercial offer. We already want to know it!..  and you?


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