Selvazama, a sustainable paradise in the Mexican Caribbean

Selvazama, a sustainable paradise in the Mexican Caribbean

This community is where incredible green constructions are located. These communities are all immersed in the middle of the jungle. As a result, its habitants can enjoy nature and live surrounded by beautiful plants while relaxing.

Due to a high demand from people urging to take care of the planet by avoiding tree felling among other negative practices, Selvasama developers came out with this project. Therefore, this majestic space satisfies strict standards of sustainability, where each community located on this development protects nature.

Projects at SELVAZAMA include single and multifamily lots with residential and hotel services, exclusive lots, commercial areas and natural parks. And it doesn’t stop there, SELVAZAMA also features these three important areas:

Tulum Center:

In addition to these two important developments, Tulum Center is a space dedicated to different cultural manifestations. It has an amphitheater surrounded by tropical trees. This is the perfect area to reconnect with nature and find inspiration.

Art Park:

This space is dedicated for people who wants to relax and coexist. It has a total area of 135,000 m2 of pure jungle.

Holistic Center:

The holistic center goes beyond a simple spa. This sanctuary provides wellness taking care of mind, body and spirit. You can find here a vast quantity of services. From aesthetic and genetic medicine, to yoga classes. Also, they provide experts in nutrition focused on vegan and organic diets. As a matter of fact, the holistic center aims to help SELVAZAMA’s habitants recover their inner peace.

Most importantly, SELVAZAMA is also increasing Tulum’s growth and promoting a healthier lifestyle. SELVAZAMA philosophy meets three important factors: maintaining eco-tourism, transformation trips and the purchase of second homes.

Green school:

An unexpected protagonist in Selvazama is “Green School Tulum”. The school will seek to reflect the natural elements of the region that nourish the balance of this beautiful, magical and unique place in the world.

The headquarters will have a program that goes from basic to higher education based on learning linked to sustainability, with the objective of generating the next generation of environmental leaders, regardless of the career or specialization they choose.

We can conclude that Selvazama, besides impacting on tourism and its visitors, wants to promote a sustainable community, respecting the environment and its local history.



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