Holistika Tulum, “Connect your soul, Set yourself free”

Holistika Tulum, “Connect your soul, Set yourself free”

A Place for Healing and Exploring

Holistika Tulum

Located in the middle of the jungle, Holistika offers all the benefits that being surrounded by nature provides. In conjunction with all its spaces, yoga classes, daily activities, magical people and teachers, it is the perfect place to disconnect and reconnect with your soul.


Let’s get mystical!

Luxury in the wilderness

Featuring a hotel, restaurant and community center with the best Yoga Classes, Wellness Services, and the healthiest food, Holistika is the favored place for adventurous travelers, business people and couples on a romantic vacation.


A new home

In the Middle of the Mayan Jungle

You will find your new home. Holstika- a hotel, holistic center and community space for those who seek happiness, peace, and connection.




Holistika Because…?

Holistika features a bunch of amazing facilities that gathers creative spirits and offer them a cool and welcoming spaces to collaborate, share and learn, immersing in the purpose that brought them together in the first place.

¡Believe you can!

Transformation happens in and outside of your comfort zone.

The purpose is to connect you to yourself and like-minded people. Because we know that only happy people are contributing people! We created this space so that your soul can thrive and you can live a life of purpose.

Take some time for yourself

Reconnect, heal and relax.

Surrounded by nature, holistika creates the perfect place to disconnect and reconnect. With the best workshops, activities and daily yoga classes, you can start a transformation that isn’t possible anywhere else in the world.


Purge, decodify and purify the body through the flow of therapeutic healing arts. Start your personal transformation journey with the best daily activities.

Reach full potential.

The place you call home.




Entering Holistika feels like taking a deep exhale. Exiting the normal life with the out-breath, letting go of worries, fears, and doubts and entering the world of infinite possibilities.






Unique Place    

Chay Reflection Lofts

A work of art is nature itself, which ignites a spark of inspiration in every corner of our souls. This project arises from the need to offer humanity new possibilities, to invite them to expand the yearning for their own path and inspire others to do the same and deeply understand the wisdom of their body through introspection.

Unique project of its kind that has 22 units in an extraordinary environment, right next to Holistika.






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