Live a New Real Estate Experience!

As a founding partner, I take pride in being part of such a dynamic and cutting-edge work team. I have been living in Playa since 2010, which has allowed me to fully understand the characteristics of the market, the potential for growth and the vision to detect the best investment opportunities. Your heritage is my priority.

My core career was the Hotel industry for 10 years were I also had international experience in the Bahamas and Canada. My main objective is to be able to offer an exceptional service level in the Real Estate industry which nowadays is very difficult to get specially when the market in the Riviera has a high demand.

Our group has redefined the real estate business, modernizing and promoting the industry through the promotion of a teamwork culture, ensuring our clients a better representation and a real competitive advantage.

I know how important it is to feel confident with your real estate agent and therefore, every day we strive to offer a 360 service, hand in hand with our business partners, we will guide you through each of the topics related to your transactions: contracts, taxes, closing costs, deed, vacation rental and property management.

Living in the Riviera Maya is a privilege and an excellent investment. Contact us and know more about smart investment opportunities in the Mexican Caribbean!


Our vision is to become something more than a real estate agency, we want to become a lifestyle, in which our service, professionalism and ability to close business, is a recognized brand, committed to excellent service.


Improve the experience of buying and selling real estate by cultivating a spirit of collaboration, innovation and integrity. Covering each one of your real estate needs, whether it is residential, commercial or vacation rental, delivering excellence in our services.

Astrid Fierro
Sales Director

Our Sales Team

Maritza García
General Management
+52 (984) 859 1960

Misael Granillo
Sales Manager Playa del Carmen
+52 55 1080 5549

Francisco Reyna
Sales Manager Tulum
+52 222 730 6492

Arturo Sanróman
Sales Manager HUMANA
+52 555 457 5093

Areli Torres
Director Asistant
+52 222 321 2229

Bianca Castillo
Human Capital
+52 984 130 9343

Manuel Méndez
Real Estate Advisor
+52 998 370 2679

Judith Saldívar
Real Estate Advisor
+52 984 143 3298

Ubel Alafita
Real Estate Advisor
+52 984 745 5332

Kubilay Meral
Real Estate Advisor
+52 984 215 2817

David Duque
Real Estate Advisor
+52 55 6791 6753

Javier Rodríguez
Real Estate Advisor
+52 984 1415292

Maritza López
Real Estate Advisor
+52 55 4181 4517

Luisa Martínez
Real Estate Advisor
+52 998 241 8319

Karola de la Cuesta
Real Estate Advisor
+52 998 200 1491

Adrián Medina
Real Estate Advisor
+52 984 188 5225

Arlina Gutiérrez
Real Estate Advisor
+52 984 188 5322

Carlos Herrera
Real Estate Advisor
+52 561 710 1973

Ana María Simonín
Real Estate Advisor
+52 984 593 3930

Luis Mayor
Real Estate Advisor
+52 984 125 1573

Bernardo Martell
Real Estate Advisor
+52 55 1004 7379

Camilo Páez
Real Estate Advisor
+52 984 228 1879

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